Purpose of Life

Feature Documentary

Official Trailer

In this thought-provoking feature documentary, we explore bold questions surrounding the purpose of life and God from the perspective of Atheism and all major world religions. 

Bold Questions

  • Does God exist?
  • What is the concept of God in your belief system?
  • Given the existence of evil and suffering in the world, what is the purpose of life? Is life nihilistic or is their ultimate objective meaning to life?
  • What is the objective Truth?

Authoritative Scholars

  1. Philosopher A C Grayling – Atheism
  2. Professor Catherine Hezser (SOAS) – Judaism 
  3. Dr Cornelis Bennema (London School of Theology) – Christianity 
  4. Professor Muhammad A S Abdel Haleem, OBE – Islam
  5. Dr Lars Laamann (SOAS) – Daoism
  6. Dr Ankur Barua (Cambridge) – Hinduism
  7. Dr Christopher V Jones  (Cambridge) – Buddhism 
  8. Dr Opinderjit Kaur Takhar MBE, FHEA – Sikhism

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